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Tired of wanting to be healthy but not knowing where to start?


How did we get here? Most people walk up to their fridge, grab the easiest prepared food and half enjoy it while scrolling through social media or watching TV.

It’s no one's fault, it’s just the way things have developed. We have a surplus of food but still lack nourishment both in experience and nutrients. With rising rates of chronic diseases, we see how this shift in our attitude has shifted our health.

Cooking is no longer a daily practice but a special occasion, many adults don’t even know how to cook much beyond eggs or cereal. This isn’t to place blame, simply pointing out the disconnect. 

These days, it can seem hard to find commonalities between all humans. The complexities of modern day life make this a challenge...but one common trait holds true and always will. We have to eat. The nature of our relationship with food has changed so much since early on. Food used to be a scarcity, making each meal almost ceremonial but now it seems to be an afterthought.

So where do we start?

Cook with us!

Learning to cook for flavor and nutrient density 

As a classically trained chef and  certified nutrition specialist we take you through the fundamentals of whole food cooking, using science as the foundation for both.




The energy, the time, the ingredients, all play a part in nourishment but this has been lost. Therefore, We are going to start with the basics… in technique, in recipe and in nutrition:

How do we create a balanced meal to support our long term health?

What foods can we use to increase flavor and nutrient density? 

What is the most efficient way to do a task so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen? (unless you want to)

How do we leverage the changing of the seasons to support our body with the nutrients it needs?

How do we make vegetables that taste so good that you want to eat them everyday?

How the hell do you hold a knife and not take off your finger? 

How can we use our food choices to not only support the health of our bodies but also the health of the planet?

You would be surprised at how much nutrition and cooking overlap. At it’s core, real food serves as the foundation for both.


Ranging from simple to advanced, you will gain access to a library of 30+ recipes with at least 2 seasonal recipe additions each month.


From equipment, to ingredients, to set up and meal prep. Here you will find all the materials needed to set you up for success in the kitchen and life. 

Instructional Videos

1 In Depth RecordedĀ Cooking Class each month as well as various tutorials to support your technique and improve your cooking in simple and efficient ways.

Quarterly Long Form Tutorials 

Dive deeper with Doug and build your skills with tutorials on fermentation, canning, pickling, butchery as well as building your pantry. 

Meal Prep for Nutrient Density 

Honing your cooking skills makes healthy decisions easy! Work with Abby to learn how to apply your new skills to support your long term health!

Other Member Benefits

Ability to request certain recipes, topics and tutorials 

Access to community and Q&A forum

10% all Bliss Point Nutrition Offers

Access to affiliate and discount offers 

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Doug Settle

Doug Settle is a classically trained chef with over 15 years of culinary experience, currently heading the culinary department on a 28-acre Regenerative Organic certified farm. Growing up close to agriculture gave him a deep appreciation for those produce our food which we pairs alongside a passion for leadership and educating the community about food and cooking.


Abby King

Abby King is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), MS in Nutrition, and an industry trained cook. In her own journey, she immediately noticed the connection between nutrition and cooking. She realized that in order to support her health, she would need to hone her cooking skills which then turned into passion and wanting to share this connection with others. 

"What excites me is setting up our communities for a brighter future by reconnecting the farmer and the average person and paying homage to the land and our bodies through fun, seasonal eating."

Doug Settle

"Cooking is likely the most long-standing form of self care that exists. The intention and nourishment that occurs when you take the time to cook for yourself is reflected in your physical health"

Abby King



There is a gap between the desire to be healthy and actually being healthy. A big part of that gap is education and application. 

With the internet and social media, its challenging to know what is supportive for your body and the planet. Even if you do know, it's even harder to take consistent action. 

Let us guide you. As experts in our respective fields, we make cooking and wellness easy.


We promise to bring you traditional techniques, seasonal flavors, and healthy habits all with a side of sarcasm. 



3 month commitment required

  • Access to recipe library (January)
  • Access to video tutorials to teach you the basics and set you up for success
  • 1 Monthly LIVE cooking class and other tutorials
  • Access to equipment guide, seasonal ingredient guide, and meal prep matrix + more
  • Ability to request recipes, concepts and tutorials  
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