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"Fear is excitement without the breath" 

Put simply – fear and excitement have the same physical response, it’s all about your perception…

Lemme guess…

Structure is your middle name 

Anxiety rules your day

You’re pretty type A because deep down you know you’re meant for more

If overthinking were a race, you’d win first place 

The thought of meditation actually makes you more anxious

You pride yourself on being able to “push through”

 You aren't the only one! There are a lot of factors that contribute to your health. One very important one is nervous system dysregulation and if you agreed with any of the above, chances are you are dealing with nervous system dysregulation. chances are you might have one!

So what is breathwork?


There are many types of breathwork out there. With me, you’ll practice RESET Breathwork, a breathwork practice that combines a 3-part conscious connected breathing pattern, visualizations, affirmations, somatic release, and specific music sequencing to bring you to support you in rewiring your nervous system and processing emotions that may be holding you back.

RESET breath allows you to rewire your nervous system by allowing you to work through stored emotions, limiting beliefs and experiences that may be subconsciously holding you back in your daily life. This can show up as fear of failure, fear of being yourself, devising your worth from what others think of you, trouble making decisions and more. If you feel like you’re living in the gap between awareness of where you want to be and actually living like that person, I’m talking to you.

Yes, that's me!

Because I WAS you,  while I was healing my chronic gut issues I came to the realization that healing goes so much deeper than just relieving physical symptoms. I know what you’re thinking, “I want it to be simple”, “I want the list of steps”, the list of supplements and food that will heal me and that is undoubtedly a piece of the puzzle, and that’s where I started to…trying to treat my health like a checklist. When we do that, when we rely solely on outside recommendations, we actually lose connection with our body.

The connection between the gut and the nervous system, mind and body, is bidirectional meaning they both impact one another — our world teaches us to trust outside sources more than ourselves, when we lose connection with our body- we lose connection with our intuition too. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions which are stored in our nervous system, not only affect our ability to heal our gut and body but also our ability to show up as ourselves…if you find yourself walking into a room and worrying about how other people view you, feeling like you’re too much to really be yourself, feeling like you’re living your life at 70%, scrolling on social media when you “planned” something productive on your schedule…then you might not be showing up in the way you were meant to. 

If you want long term results with your gut, your health, or your life… you have to look at the nervous system too.

Why is RESET breath different? 


When a lot of people think about breathwork, they imagine taking some deep breaths, having some time for relaxation… and I want to be clear that is not what this is. A lot of breathwork is focused on relaxation or the oh so trendy nervous system regulation (aka managing your stress). Here’s where this approach goes wrong. I am all here for self care, for deep breathing, for relaxation (and we’ll do some of that too) but that doesn’t actually solve the programmed patterns in your nervous system. That’s treating symptoms instead of getting to the root cause– see what i did there ;).

RESET breath actually triggers the sympathetic nervous system, that fight or flight response that everyone is talking about avoiding. See, the issue is not that response in itself. In fact, that response is actually the survival mechanism that has kept us alive for years. It’s when that response occurs chronically and in situations where we are not actually in danger (hello emails from your boss at 10:30 PM). I think what we really want is nervous system resilience, nervous system flexibility. We want to be able to flow in and out of these states with ease rather than being stuck in chronic stress.  

Holding the space...

With RESET, we use breath to put your body in a state where it is able to rewire those thoughts, beliefs patterns that may be holding you back from healing or from your life. This can be an intense experience so a huge part of this rewiring process is doing so in a safe space. Hi! That’s what I’m here for! Providing you with unconditional permission to feel all of the things, because at the root of it, that’s what a lot of us are missing. You’re healing yourself, I’m just here at your side through it all.  

Breathwork is for you if....

You struggle with chronic health conditions and feel like you have tried everything → all the protocols, the supplements etc.  

You are overwhelmed, overthink and feel anxious a lot → you’re tired of waking up each morning feeling overwhelmed by your own mind

You’re all about self improvement and taking the next course, reading the next book, taking in new information → you struggle with actually incorporating the things you learn, you usually start a new book without doing any of the exercises from the previous one

You struggle with self doubt and confidence→you want to know what it would feel like  to fully trust yourself 

You rely on hard work, your ability to grind and shutting off your emotions → you often find yourself doom scrolling after a long day of pushing through 

You’re tired of living in the “i’ll be happy when _____” mindset → you crave presence, gratitude and happiness each and every day of your life. You’re tired of waiting for the day.

You just want to be a better version of yourself → you know you’re meant for more


What to expect:

During this 60 minute session, you will set specific intentions about what you are hoping to accomplish through this practice and engage in guided RESET Breath practice. These sessions are personalized to ensure each individual gets the most out of their practice. Integration recommendations and support are provided.

What you need to know!


  • Dress comfortably (yoga pants/sweatshirt/t-shirt etc.)

  • Be sure to have an empty stomach for your session (no food/drink at least 1 hour before) 

  • Zoom camera on. This is for your safety and so that I am able to provide feedback and support to you through the session 

  • Quiet, comfortable space to lie down where you won’t be interrupted (no pets, kids, or distractions). Can be on the floor, yoga mat, on a bed, etc. 

  • A blanket and a pillow 

  • Something to cover your eyes (recommended, not required); This can be an eye pillow, a scarf, blindfold, or rolled up t-shirt.

  • Headphones (optional)

If you’re here and you’ve read this far, you are pretty serious about being the best version of yourself, whether that is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. We hold emotions and experiences in our nervous system without awareness, many of which aren’t even ours. If you’re doing the obvious work of changing your nutrition, from reading the mindset books, from going to therapy (and of course, I recommend you do) and feel like there is a gap, breathwork is the bridge.

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